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Mule plano en piel color negro, forro interior de piel y plantilla de piel.

65,00 € 40,00 €


S / S 2020

The ballerines are the essence of By Peppas. Comfortable and feminine shoes, an icon of style in the 50s, are still women's favorites. Its classic and informal appearance does not detract from an apex of style and glamor, being part of the most sophisticated looks. At By Peppas we adapt trends to iconic models, we design versatile shoes for any style and situation, but with a unique personality for unique women.


S / S 2020

Since it was created for the man in the 40s until today, it has been gaining space in the female dressing room. Its design has evolved to adapt to those women who have made it their favorite because of its urban and sophisticated appearance. To its initially formal character we add the femininity of the prints, accessories and smoothed lines to make them a bold and comfortable fashion proposal.